Beauty Palace

Are you hott enough?

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Welcome to beauty palace!

Read all the rules!


To get in you have to post pictures and people will vote either "yes" or "no".

We are not voting on:

  • How skinny you are. We don't care to see anorexic people. Go to pro_ana for that.

  • How big your boobs are.... although I hear Hooter's is hiring.

  • Your tatoos

  • But we are voting on

  • Your smile

  • Make-up

  • Hair

  • So we're superficial and vain. GET OVER IT!

    No Nudes!! There will be no nudes in this community. It violates livejournal TOS and it will not be tolerated. You will be banned! However, bathing suites are acceptable.

    You can post links to the pictures. But put every thing behind an lj-cut, which can be found

    Post pictures as soon as you join! Lurking and hanging around will not be tolerated and you will be removed.


    If you are accepted, please put a link (or the stamp) to our community in your userinfo and advertise as much as possible.

    There is also the wall of hotties, which will open when we have 50 people. If you get all yes', then your name will go here along with an award.

    Didnt get in?
    (awww, you poor baby)

    You can try again in two weeks with different pictures.

    Don't bring drama if you aren't accepted. If you are rude to our members or start acting like a big jackass and harrassing everyone, then you will be banned. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you can't accept critcism, then don't post your photo's. Simple as that.

    Accepted Memebers


    Creators- nopainnogain & broken_dawl

    Mods- stupidlildorko & blurredmind & cowfish

    Contact -
    nopainnogain -myers_isabella@hotmail.com
    broken_dawl -pixie_angel03@hotmail.com
    stupidlildorko -stupidlildorko@netscape.net
    blurredmind -x_lain_x@hotmail.com
    cowfish - ariadne_@livejournal.com

    HAVE FUN!!!